Thorpe Running Program

“My first time ever running as a past time was while I was at the Thorpe Recovery Centre. I joined the run club to be able to get out of the building for a bit and it quickly turned into one of my most important self-care tools. When I started, I couldn’t run more than 1km at a time and even that was a struggle. Week after week I would keep coming back and each time making it a little farther than the week before. The more I ran the better I felt. Running even helped me to quit smoking. As of today I am 13 months sober and never feeling better. Running has changed my life and continues to change my life to this day.” – Thorpe Alumni


The Thorpe Running Program was created by local runners/human services workers Vera Koster, Mackenzie Brown and Rikki Ducharme in 2020 after multiple discussions about how running had helped them cope with stress and promote mental wellbeing.  Joined by volunteers from the local running community with a similar mindset, the Thorpe Running Program was born.

This program meets at the Thorpe Recovery Centre once a week from April to November, weather dependent.

The program accepts gently used shoes and running clothes to supply to clients.

Please note that the 2022 volunteer compliment is full. If you are interested in volunteering please check this site in March 2023 to see if there are volunteer openings.

To donate shoes/clothing, inquire about getting involved, or get information to start a similar program at a different Recovery Centre, please email

Program Sponsors:

Midwest Endurance